Information Technology

Are you a business in need of talented, qualified candidates to add to your team on a temporary or permanent basis? Contact us now to get started on a relationship with us today.  

Information Technology (IT) is integral to every business in every industry. Talent Specialist Group has been meeting the IT staffing demands of businesses since the inception of the industry. Information Technology is a market that demands skill, speed and a forward-thinking attitude — attributes that define our team, our clients and the candidates we recruit.

Our success in the IT market is driven by our ability to quickly adapt to our clients’ needs, and to correctly anticipate what those needs will be in both the near and distant future. In an industry defined by lightning-fast changes in both technology and personnel, Talent Specialist Group, IT team maintains the highest levels of talent and stability. From staying on top of the latest in hardware and software technology to mastering the next standard in programming languages, our team is truly at the cutting edge of this ever changing field.


Majority of our clients are in the emerging technologies. We identify experienced individuals (2+ years) with salaries of 50K+ and well into six figures. We place all skill sets, but mostly technologists


Our clients hire us to find qualified fulltime and temporary/contract placement professionals in both the technical and managerial areas of the business. From a programmer for a single project to an MIS director to oversee an entire division, we can find the most highly trained people and match them with the most exciting positions available.